Ghana-Nigeria Link Vol.2 Iss.3 20171012

With the permission and approval of our Provincial Superior, John Aserbire, and my fellow editors from Ghana-Nigeria Link, I am sending Volume 2, Number 3 of our link under the theme “OUR COMMITMENTS TO JPIC-ED: fidelity to the Gospel and Charism”. We hope you enjoy reading. Special thanks go to those who have contributed with articles that have allowed us to publish this issue.

Attached, are the two files having the same content but not the same quality:

  • Printing Volume 2 Number 3 Ghana-Nigeria Link September 2017, the original printable file (7,07 Mo), et
  • Volume 2 Number 3 compressed Ghana-Nigeria Link September 2017, a lighter version for reading on screen only (MB 1,05).


Serge Boroto Zihalirwa, M.Afr

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