Hans Remhs, R.I.P.

Father Jozef de Bekker, Provincial Delegate of the sector of the Netherlands,
informs you of the return to the Lord of Father

Hans Remhs

on Wednesday 15th November 2017 at Heythuysen (Netherlands)
at the age of 86 years, of which 61 years of missionary life
in Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Mali and in the Netherlands.

Let us pray for him and for his loved ones.

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Milestones of Father Hans Remhs’ life

Hans was born on the 2nd November 1931 in Amsterdam, in the Diocese of Harlem (Netherlands). He began his Spiritual Year on the 15th September 1952 at ‘s-Heerenberg (NL), then continued his theological training at Thibar (Tunisia) where he took his Missionary Oath on the 26th June 1956, before being ordained to the priesthood on the 21st April 1957 at Carthage (Tunisia).

16/08/1957   Santpoort Nederland
01/01/1959   Hirksel Nederland
01/09/1960 Apprend Langue Guilongou CELA Haute Volta
01/05/1961 Vicaire Tikare,D.Ouahigouya Burkina Faso
18/09/1961 Petit Séminaire Koudougou Burkina Faso
13/02/1966   Tikare Burkina Faso
23/07/1967 Petit Séminaire Koudougou Burkina Faso
14/09/1974 Grande Retraite Villa Cavalletti Italia
01/09/1980 Vicaire Tikare Burkina Faso
01/05/1981 Econ.Dioc.+Supérieur Ouahigouya,Procure Burkina Faso
27/09/1989 Session-Retraite Jérusalem Israël / Palestine
30/05/1992 Nommé aux Pays-Bas   Nederland
01/06/1992 Econome Provincial Boxtel,Mais.Prov. Nederland
01/09/1992 Conseiller Prov.   Nederland
05/02/1993 Mission Centre Nijmegen Nederland
01/11/1994 Elu Cons. Prov.   Nederland
08/11/1994 Supérieur communauté Boxtel,Mais.Prov Nederland
27/05/1997 Réélu Conseil.Prov.   Nederland
01/07/1998 Année sabbatique   Nederland
15/09/1998 Session DMA Jérusalem Israël / Palestine
01/06/1999 Econome Diocésain Nouakchott Mauritanie
22/10/1999 Nommé Mali(PE 99/10)   Mali/Mauritan
01/11/2003 Residence Dongen Nederland
05/11/2003 Nommé (PE 03/10)   Nederland
15/11/2017 Retour au Seigneur Heythuysen Nederland

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