Jean-Claude Quennouëlle, R.I.P.

The Provincial of France, Father Patrick Bataille,
informs you of the return to the Lord of Father

Jean-Claude Quennouëlle

on Thursday the 12th of January 2017 in Paris (France), at the age of 88,
of which 65 years of missionary life
in the DR Congo and in France.

Let us pray for him and for his loved ones.

Milestones of Father Jean-Claude Quennouëlle’s life.

Father Jean-Claude Quennouëlle was born in Paris XVI (Diocese of Paris) on the 2nd of July 1928. He began his Spiritual Year at Maison-Carrée on the 1st of October 1947, took his Missionary Oath in Thibar on the 26th of June 1951 and was ordained to the Priesthood in Carthage on the 12th of April 1952.

02/10/1952 Etudes Strasbourg France
06/06/1956   Bonnelles  
18/09/1965 Grande Retraite Villa Cavalletti  
01/03/1966 Supérieur P.Sémin. Fataki Congo
01/09/1974 Délégué au Chapitre    
01/01/1979 Supérieur 1er Cycle PB Bambumines  
10/11/1981   Bunia,Mudzi Maria  
01/05/1984 Père/Foyer Charité Muhito,D.Bunia Zaïre Ituri
22/09/1988 Congé/Prov.>17.11.88    
03/09/1990 Congé/Prov.>12.11.90    
16/09/1992 Congé/Prov.>    
26/05/1993 Congé/Prov.>    
13/05/1995 Congé/Prov.>05.08.95    
13/12/1996 Evacué par Kampala->   France
14/05/1997 Retour au Zaïre    
10/05/1998 Congé/Prov.>10.07.98    
14/08/1999 Congé/Prov.>15.10.99    
02/05/2001 Congé méd.>30.07.01    
22/05/2002 Congé/Prov.>10.07.02    
01/06/2003 Congé/Prov.    
10/02/2004 Congé/Prov.>15.06.04    
30/05/2006 Congé/Prov.>12.03.07    
04/05/2008 Congé/Prov.>    
01/07/2009 Congé/Prov.>14.09.09    
12/01/2017 Décède à Paris    

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