Jésus, l’Homme de la rencontre

Jésus, l'Homme de la rencontre :

Huit jours à l'école du Maître dans l'évangile de Jean

P. Claude Rault, M.Afr.

Bishop Claude Rault, born in Normandy in 1940, is a priest of the Society of Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers). After studying Arabic and Islamology at the PISAI in Rome, he was sent to Algeria. He lived for almost 50 years in the Sahara, working as a teacher and with a copperplate craftsman in Ghardaïa. Vicar General and then Bishop from 2004 to 2017 of this immense territory, he visited the small dispersed Christian communities and wove solid and fraternal relationships with many Muslims. Currently, he is a member of the French National Service for Relations with Muslims as an expert.

In his book, Claude Rault meditates on Mission in the Gospel according to Saint John: a Gospel in which the word “evangelise” appears only once, but in which the mission of Jesus takes place in each encounter.

P. Claude RAULT
Maison des Missionnaires d’Afrique (Pères Blancs)
31 Rue Friant
75014 – Paris

émail: claude.rault.dz@gmail.com

Le prix est de 19 € + 5 € de frais de port, soit 24 €.

Nom du bénéficiaire : Claude Rault
Il vous sera envoyé dès que possible.
Merci de bien noter votre adresse pour l’expédition.

Plus d’info sur : http://www.peresblancs.org/livre_claude_rault20.htm


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