Joy-Filled Gospel Service Renewal Program

ICOF stands for “Inter-Congregational Ongoing Formation”, initiated by the Union of the General Councils of four congregations, namely the Spiritans, the SMA, the MSOLA and the Missionaries of Africa. Originally a two-month course in Bagamoyo (Tanzania), it has now developed into a six-month renewal program in English, run each year in Tanzania. A number of confreres and MSOLA sisters have been on the course and were very happy with the experience.

There is now a one-month-long session in French to be held for the first time in Abidjan this coming summer and once again this should become a regular feature. Attached you have the forthcoming programme for the summer session to be held in Abidjan this year as well as the programme of the present six-month session which is underway in Tanzania. The brochures gives all the information concerning the sessions and the costs.

Please note the target group :

  • Catholic priests and religious
  • Approximately 10 – 20 years in ministry.
  • Those in transition from one ministry to another.
  • Recommended by one’s superior / bishop.
  • Having a reasonable mastery of English (session in Bagamoyo), or of French (Abidjan).
  • Willing to be open to share oneself with others for mutual enrichment and

Brochure for the one-month session to be held in Abidjan this coming summer

Brochure for the six-month renewal course held in Bagamoyo (Tanzania)

Website of ICOF

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