Kampala Closing Mass

Jubilee Year Closing Celebration in Namugongo

In almost all provinces, sections and sectors, the Jubilee Year has come to an end. A time to celebrate, to thank God and count the graces that will take us forward to continue the Mission with the charisms which are ours. 

Many photos of the various celebrations were posted on Facebook or circulated by email or by WhatsApp. These are coming late due to poor Internet Connection in Namugongo, Uganda, where the official closing of the Jubilee Year took place. They come mainly from Brother Vitus Abobo, but I suspect he also collected photos from other photographs. 

It is more difficult to give an account of what happened for your servant was not in Namugongo and did not receive anything from those who had the chance to be there. But the photos themselves give a beautiful account of the celebration.

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