Lent 2019 – Pope Francis

The Pope’s message for Lent 2019 was made public and presented at a press conference on 26 February 2019. Starting from the liturgical cycle, the Pope explains that the mystery of salvation “presents itself as a dynamic process that also embraces History and the whole of creation. Saint Paul says it: “Creation is eagerly awaiting the revelation of the sons of God” (Rm 8:19)”. It develops its subject in three parts:

1. The Redemption of Creation : “If man lives as a son of God, if he lives as a saved person who lets himself be guided by the Holy Spirit and knows how to recognize and implement the law of God, beginning with the one written in his heart and in nature, then he also does good to Creation” ;

2. The destructive force of sin : “The rupture of communion with God has deteriorated the harmonious relationship between human beings and the environment in which they are called to live, so that the garden has been transformed into a desert” ;

3. The healing power of repentance and forgiveness : conversion “calls Christians to incarnate in a more intense and concrete way the paschal mystery in their personal, family and social lives, especially through fasting, prayer and almsgiving”.

Read in La Croix of February 26, 2019

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