Louis De Winter, R.I.P.

Father Luc Putzeys, Provincial Delegate of the sector of Belgium,
informs you of the return to the Lord of Father

Louis De Winter

on Tuesday the 4th April 2017 at Lier (Belgium)
at the age of 90 years, of which 64 years of missionary life
in Democratic Republic of Congo and in Belgium.

Let us pray for him and for his loved ones.


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Milestones of Father Louis De Winter’s life.

Louis De Winter was born on the 11th of April 1926 at Bevel, in the Diocese of Antwerpen. He entered the Spiritual Year in Varsenare on the 22nd of September 1948, studies in Thibar (Tunisia) where he took his Missionary Oath on the 27th of June 1952, before being ordained to the Priesthood on the 5th of April 1953 in Carthage.

30/06/1953 Baudouinville (Congo)
01/05/1954 Vicaire à Nyunzu (Congo)
03/10/1954 Petit séminaire de Lusaka (Congo)
16/07/1957 Supérieur à Lyapenda (Congo)
13/01/1962 Grande retraite à Villa Cavalletti (Italie)
04/09/1975 Vicaire à Kabalo (Congo – Kongolo)
06/07/1980 Session – retraite à Jérusalem (Israël – Palestine)
01/01/1985 Curé de Kasu à Kabalo (Congo)
30/06/1986 Curé et responsable à Sola (Congo – Kongolo)
01/10/1993 Prof. Centre Catéchèse à Kinkungwa (Congo – Kasongo)
17/09/1996 Session DMA à Jérusalem (Israël – Palestine)
01/01/1999 Résidence à Bevel (Belgique)
28/04/1999 Nommé en Belgique
07/09/2005 Session 70+ à Rome (Italie)
04/04/2017 Returns to the Father in Lier

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