Maurits De Weerdt R.I.P.

The Provincial of Belgium, Father Luc Putzeys,
informs you of the return to the Lord of Father

Maurits De Weerdt

on Wednesday the 11th of January 2017 at Antwerpen (Belgium)
at the age of 81,
of which 55 years of  Missionary life
in Zambia and in Belgium.

Let us pray for him and for his loved ones.

Milestones of Father Maurits De Weerdt’s life.

Father Maurits De Weerdt was born in Antwerpen (Antwerpen Diocese) on the 9th April 1935. He started his Spiritual Year in Varsenare on the 7th September 1957, took his Missionary Oath in Totteridge on the 11th July 1961 and was ordained Priest in Heverlee on the 29th June 1962.

01/09/1962 Apprend Langue Ilondola Zambia
30/06/1963 Ass. Parish Priest Chibote,F.Rosebery
14/10/1965 Ass. Parish Priest Kasaba,D.Mansa
10/04/1966 Superior Kasaba
11/05/1968 Superior Chibote
01/01/1969 Regional Councillor
19/10/1969 Ass. Parish Priest Kawambwa
17/03/1970 Superior Kashikishi
01/07/1972 Regional Councillor
01/01/1973 Superior Kawambwa
01/01/1974 Delegate at the Chapter
01/07/1975 Regional Kasama Zambia
01/07/1979 Regional (2nd mandate) Kasama Zambia
01/01/1984 Director C.T.C. Lubwe
04/03/1984 Session-Retreat Jérusalem
29/12/1986 C.T.C. Lubwe,D.Mansa Zambia
01/06/1989 Home leave/Prov.>16.10.89
01/07/1992 Home leave/Prov.>19.12.92
01/10/1992 Parish Priest Kitwe,D.Mansa Zambia
06/08/1995 Home leave/Prov.>25.11.95
30/06/1998 Home leave/Prov.>13.10.98
01/06/2001 Home leave/Prov.>16.10.01
09/05/2003 Appointed (PE 06/03) Bangalore Inc/India
23/05/2006 Home leave/Prov.>09.07.06 antwerpen
01/12/2006 Home leave/Prov.
05/06/2007 Appointed (PE 7/07) Zambia
15/05/2008 Home leave/Prov.>23.07.08
01/07/2008 Ministry Ndola Zambia
26/05/2009 Home leave/Prov.>27.07.09
01/01/2010 Ministry Ndola Zambia
13/05/2010 Home leave/Prov.>27.08.10
01/07/2013 Appointed PE 7/13 Belgique
01/09/2013 Residence Antwerpen Belgique
01/09/2015 Residence H.C.: Antwerpen Belgique

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