Never a boring moment!

Never a boring moment!

Michel Meunier, MAfr

“Be apostles, nothing but apostles!”, or at least, be nothing else, except with this in view …, try to think, to speak and to write as apostles. Missionaries must never forget that they are neither explorers, nor, nor tourists, nor scientists, nor anything else. “(Cardinal Charles Lavigerie, founder of the Missionaries of Africa – White Fathers and White Sisters).”

Nevertheless, in this book you will find out that the missionary adventure sometimes leads us unwittingly to be explorers, travellers and occasional tourists, because of unexpected events and circumstances. Cardinal Lavigerie often quoted Terence, a 2nd century freed slave poet of North African origin: “I am a human being, and nothing human is foreign to me.” Indeed, our founder asked us to always start from the human dimension; this is what you will find in these stories and anecdotes.


Michel Meunier was born in 1944 in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, province of Quebec, Canada. In 1969, he took his missionary oath with the Society of the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers) and was ordained a priest on May 23, 1970. In September of the same year, he left for Africa.

He now lives in Montreal.

There is a Kindle e-version of the book, but, according to Michel, the layout is not perfect. So he instructed me to make it available for free to the confreres because of the high costs of postage from Canada to Europe and to Africa.  Thank you to Michel Meunier.

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