Our confreres dead in Rome

A few members of the Generalate community celebrated the Day of the Dead on November 2 at Verano Cemetery in Rome.

Under the chapel are the tombs of several confreres. The vault is shared with several religious congregations. Thus, during the celebration, several religious sisters also commemorated their dead with us.

Mgr Toulotte Anatole +1907
Fr. Delpuch Antoine +1936
Fr. Burtin Louis +1942
Fr. Lans Michel +1947
Fr. Liebsch Alexis +1949

Fr. Cottino Giovanni +1959
Fr. Arnoux Alexandre +1959
Fr. Rivière Jean-Baptiste +1959
Fr. Magnin Jean-Gabriel +1977
Fr. Robinson John Metcal +1980

Fr. Murphy Donald +1981
Fr. Lachance Gérald +1984
Fr. Garon Arnaud +1989
Fr. Lamey René Xavier +1993
Fr. Guérin Christian +1993

Fr. Kaufmann Leonhard +1995
Fr. Renault François ,+1996
Fr. Voet Jan +1996
Fr. Delbé Gérald +1999
Mgr Duprey Pierre +2007

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