Peter Kelly, R.I.P.

Society of the Missionaries of Africa

Father Terry Madden, Provincial Delegate of the sector of Great Britain,
informs you of the return to the Lord of Father

Peter Kelly

on Wednesday 8th April 2020 at West Middlesex Hospital in London (Great Britain)
at the age of 87 years, of which 63 years of missionary life
in Uganda and Great Britain.


Let us pray for him and for his loved ones.

Milestones in the life of Father Peter Kelly

Born in Tunbridge Wells
on 17/07/1932
Spiritual YearMissionary OathPriesthood ordination
in the diocese of Southwark15/09/195224/07/195615/05/1957
 Nationality: British‘s-Heerenberg (Ned)‘s-Heerenberg (Ned)Beaumont (UK)

02/09/1957EtudesLondonGreat Britain
20/04/1958 Sutton ColdfieldGreat Britain
22/08/1961 St BoswellsGreat Britain
20/09/1962Etudes EducationStrawberry HillGreat Britain
24/08/1963 St BoswellsGreat Britain
20/01/1964 Danby HallGreat Britain
15/09/1965Pastoral CourseOak LodgeGreat Britain
15/12/1965 MashangaUganda
21/04/1966 Kagamba, Diocese MbararaUganda
01/07/1966 RweraUganda
15/12/1966Prof. SeminaryKitabiUganda
01/12/1970Refresher CourseMushanga CELAUganda
15/12/1974School ChaplainMbararaUganda
01/01/1981RectorOak Lodge,LondonGreat Britain
01/01/1985Voc.Dir.+Prof.1st cyKisubi, Diocese KampalaUganda
01/03/1989Session-RetraiteJérusalemIsraël / Palestine
01/10/1989ChaplainTobi Kizza,D.MbararaUganda
15/08/1990 Tobi Kizza,D.MbararaUganda
01/07/1993Nommé en G.B.London,Oak LodgeGreat Britain
01/09/1994Ministry H.C.:Brecon,S.WalesGreat Britain
01/01/1996Ministry H.C.:St Beuno’s,N.WalesGreat Britain
02/05/2001Session +60Roma,Monte CuccoItalia
01/03/2005BursarSutton ColdfieldGreat Britain
06/09/2006Session 70+RomaItalia
01/09/2014ResidenceLondon,EalingGreat Britain
08/04/2020Returns to the Father Great Britain

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