Pierre Féderlé R.I.P.

Society of the Missionaries of Africa

Father Emmanuel Lengaigne, Provincial Delegate of the sector of France,
informs you of the return to the Lord of Father

Pierre Féderlé

on Monday 21st November 2022 in St-Martin du Tertre (France)
at the age of 89 years, of which 62 years of missionary life
in Italy, Great Britain, Malawi and France.

Let us pray for him and for his loved ones.

Download here the announcement of Father Pierre Féderlé’s death

Milestones in the life of Father Pierre Fédrelé

Born in Mulhouse
on 02/12/1932
Spiritual YearMissionary OathPriesthood ordination
in the diocese of Strasbourg28/08/195413/07/1960 03/02/1961
 Nationality: French Maison-Carré

(Great Britai)



01/09/1961Etudes: BibleRoma, M.G.Italia
01/09/1965Prof. TotteridgeLondonAnglaterre
01/01/1974VicaireLilongwe, CathedralMalawi
01/01/1977Professeur, Gd.SéminaireZombaMalawi
01/01/1981Professeur, Grand SéminaireKachebereMalawi
11/05/1988Nommé Malawi
15/04/1991Centre Etudes Africains.ToulouseFrance
01/12/1996Maison GénéraliceRomaItalia
03/02/1997Petit EchoRomaItalia
09/05/2003Nommé France
01/01/2004Fraternités MissionnParisFrance

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