René Van Gansbeke, R.I.P.

Father Luc Putzeys, Provincial Delegate of the sector of Belgium,
informs you of the return to the Lord of Father

René Van Gansbeke

on Wednesday 23rd January 2019 at St John’s Hospital in Bruges (Belgium)
at the age of 90 years, of which 64 years of missionary life
in (DR) Congo and in Belgium.

Let us pray for him and for his loved ones.

Download here the announcement of Father René Van Gansbeke’s death

Milestones in the life of Father René Van Gansbeke

René was born on October 19, 1930 in Horebeke, in the diocese of Ghent, Belgium. He was accepted into the novitiate of the White Fathers of Varsenare on September 21, 1952. He then continued his theological training at Heverlee where he took his missionary oath on July 7, 1956 and received priestly ordination on April 21, 1957.

01/06/1957 Thy-le-Château Belgique
01/01/1960 Service Militaire Louvain Belgique
01/06/1960 Congo
01/01/1963 Walungu Congo
15/07/1963 Burhale Congo
01/08/1964 Ciherano Congo
01/07/1965 Mbagira Congo
01/09/1967 Evénements, va à Goma Congo
01/09/1968 Mbagira Congo
01/07/1969 Curé Kashofu Congo
18/09/1971 Grande Retraite Villa Cavalletti Italie
01/01/1981 Supérieur Ciherano Zaïre
01/07/1983 Vicaire Mbagira Zaïre
01/12/1985 Kashofu Zaïre
01/03/1986 Ciherano Zaïre
28/09/1986 Session-Retraite Jérusalem Israël / Palestine
14/01/1987 Vicaire Pweto, D.Kilwa-Kasengo Zaïre
01/09/1994 Vicaire Lubuye, D.Kalemie Zaïre
01/10/1994 Conseiller Kalemie Zaïre
01/09/1997 Resp. de la communauté Zaïre
01/10/1997 Elu Conseil Régional Zaïre
15/09/1998 Session DMA Jérusalem Israël / Palestine
23/11/2000 Curé+Resposable Lubuye RDC
01/01/2002 Ministère Centre Neema RDC
01/11/2008 Résidence Deftinge Belgique
22/11/2008 Nommé (PE 10/08) PEP Belgique
01/11/2010 Accueil Bruxelles,Linthout Belgique
18/01/2016 Résidence Varsenare,Kasteel Belgique
15/03/2018 Résidence Varsenare,Avondrust Belgique
23/01/2019 Retour auprès du Père Varsenare,Avondrust Belgique


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