Roland Dubourt, R.I.P.

Fr Bartholomew Mroso, Provincial Delegate of the Tanzania sector (EAP),
informs you of the return to the Lord of Father

Roland Dubourt

on Wednesday the 22nd of March 2017 at Nzovwe (Tanzania)
at the age of 79 years, of which 53 years of missionary life
in Tanzania and in Canada.

Let us pray for him and for his loved ones.

Milestones of Father Roland Dubourt’s life

Roland Dubourt was born on the 10th of September 1937 at Ponteix, in the West of Canada, Diocese of Gravelbourg. He began his Spiritual Year on the 16th of August 1958 at St-Martin, took his Missionary Oath on the 26th of June 1963 at Eastview and was ordained to the Priesthood on the 1st of July 1964 in his native town of Ponteix.

 01/09/1964 Learns the Swahili language (Tanzanie – Kipalapala)
 01/07/1965 Ass. Parish Priest at Sumve (TZ – Mwanza)
 01/09/1966 Ass. Parish Priest at Kahangala (TZ – Mwanza)
 14/04/1970 Appointed at St. Boniface (Canada)
 01/07/1973 Superior at Sanza (TZ – Singida)
 21/05/1979 Session-retreat in Jerusalem (Israël – Palestine)
 01/01/1981 Ass. Parish Priest at Itumba (TZ – Mbeya)
 01/01/1986 Parish Priest at Mwambani (TZ – Mbeya)
 26/03/1990 Ass. Parish Priest at Kaliwa (TZ – Tabora)
01/07/1990  Ass. Parish Priest at Irambo (Tz – Mbeya)
01/09/1994 Parish Priest at Ilembo (TZ – Mbeya)
15/11/1998 Parish Priest at Sange-Ileje (TZ – Mbeya)
19/03/2000 Session-retreat in Jerusalem (Israël – Palestine)
01/11/2000 Parish Priest at Ipoka-Ileje (TZ – Mbeya)
01/11/2002 Ministry at Igogwe (TZ – Mbeya)
01/01/2004 Ministry at Kapalala (TZ – Mbeya)
18/05/2005 Appointed to Canada
01/01/2007 Ministry at Nzovwe (TZ – Mbeya)
22/03/2017 Returns to the Father while in Nzovwe (TZ – Mbeya)

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