Session on Integrity of Ministry in Abidjan

During the second half of March (2017), our confrere, Stéphane Joulain, gave two sessions and a series of lectures on the subjects of the Protection of Minors and the Integrity of the Ministry in Abidjan. Within the framework of the Catholic Missionary Institute of Abidjan (ICMA), he gave two sessions of one-week, the first to the Missionary School of Action and Development (EMAD), and the second for students in the fourth year of theology. These two sessions were organized in connection with the Center for the Protection of Children (CCP) of the Gregorian University. It was two great experiences, which stimulated reflection and increased the determination of our future missionaries. A question remained very much with them at the end of the session: “Why the silence of the churches on this subject. And some did not hesitate to ask that the whole Church could be formed on this question: priests, bishops, religious, laity. They also testified and shared about the presence of abuse in Africa in families and institutions. Their sharing of experiences was of great richness. It was possible to observe the excellence of the training given to the ICMA and the human and spiritual maturity of those who will soon ensure the proclamation of the Good News. In addition to these two weeks of training, Stéphane Joulain gave twice two lectures of two-hour to the students of the Society of African Missions (SMA) and also to the students of the Society of Missionaries of Africa in Fraternité Lavigerie. These conferences dealt with the Integrity of the Ministry, but also addressed more current issues such as the place of the Internet and the problem of pornography and the management of sexuality for a consecrated person.

A big thank you to all those who ensure the formation of our confreres, and a big thank you for the quality of welcome of the community of the Fraternité Lavigerie.

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