Song Contest for the 150th Jubilee : 1st Price

Here is the final version of the song that won first place in the competition of the 150th anniversary of the foundation of our Lavigerie Family.

The music is the work of Emile Kimembe, in his first year of “stage” in Toulouse. The lyrics were written by Emile Kimembe and Rodrigue Kasereka, in his second year of Theology in Kinshasa. The singing is performed in French and English. The scores will be added as soon as they reach us.

Partition du chant Jubilé en français

Music score of Jubilee in English


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    1. Hello Mark, as far as I know the process was a very simple one : the central committee for the 150th anniversary asked a few confreres from the Generalate and a few sisters from their Generalate to give their views and decided after that. I do not know what you mean by VAR. Greetings to the confreres in Varsenare.

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