The Missionaries of Africa Open a Working Session on African Traditional Religions at Kungoni Centre, Malawi

Monday 18, March 2024, the Missionaries of Africa opened a one week working session on African Traditional Religions (ATRs) at Kungoni Centre, Malawi. Confreres from Rome, Mali, Zambia and Malawi are gathered to work and share experiences. In his opening remarks, Anselme Tarpaga, Assistant Superior General in charge of Encounter and Dialogue (ED), welcomed the participants and thanked them for having spared their time for the session. He reminded them that the purpose of the session is to revisit the 29th General Chapter recommendations on ATRs. It is also a follow up of suggestions that were given during the 17 June 2023 online meeting on ED.

It is an opportunity to create a synergy between Kungoni Centre of Culture and Art, Malawi; Centre Sénoufo de Sikasso, Mali; Institut de Formation Islamo-Chrétienne (IFIC), Bamako, Mali; Faith and Encounter Zambia (FENZA); and Centre for Social Concern (CfSC), Lilongwe, Malawi. The confreres vested with a considerable knowledge and understanding of ATRs and other experts are sharing ideas on how to promote the interaction between the Christian Faith and ATRs. All is being done to promote a culture of dialogue, social cohesion and peaceful coexistence.

It is worth noting that Kungoni Centre of Culture and Art is part of the Mua Mission, founded by the Missionaries of Africa in the year 1902. Claude Boucher Chisale, M.Afr., started the centre in the 1970s. It inhabits a great cultural heritage of the Chewa, Ngoni and Yao tribes. People from all walks of life visit the centre to learn about the Chewa culture, language and other important events within the Malawian history. The session is expected to bring about new ideas that enhance interaction between the Gospel, people’s identity, richness and traditional values which sometimes are overlooked. 

By: Prosper Harelimana, M.Afr.

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