Tizi-Ouzou : Ten attitudes for living fraternity (Relais Maghreb nr 38)

Tizi-Ouzou : Ten attitudes for living fraternity

Father Benoît Mwananyembo

This could be a challenge for our own communities, or at least make us reflect on our community life! (Editor’s note)

This year of fraternity has been a favourable year for deepening our way of living fraternity concretely. On 21 November and 28 November 2020, the parishioners of Tizi-Ouzou met in small groups and made proposals for the development of the parish. The parish animation committee identified 10 attitudes, i.e. 10 good behaviours that will favour fraternity in the parish:

    1. Take advantage of the places of fraternity that the parish project offers us: Mass, adoration, prayer group, catechesis, meals, training, recollection, outings, pilgrimage…
    2. To develop communication and trust, and to feel responsible for the development of the parish.
    3. To improve our behavior so as not to hurt others.
    4. To be concerned about visiting each other, especially in difficult times.
    5. To take news of the brothers and sisters who no longer come for one reason or another.
    6. The parish should continue to be a place where everyone is welcomed.
    7. Knowing each other’s birthdays in advance so that we can better celebrate them.
    8. We must continue to create bonds of friendship between the different groups that make up the
      parish. These groups are : Algerians, foreign students, other foreigners, the Sisters and the Fathers.
    9. It is good to live the fraternity in the parish as well as outside the parish with
      Christians as well as with those who are not Christians.
    10. We must encourage and imitate those who live fraternity well.

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