Unique Amour en Toi, Unique Amour en Tous

Unique Amour en Toi, Unique Amour en Tous

Père Jacques Cusset, M.Afr.

There was “L’Amour au cœur du monde” in the 1990s, a purely autobiographical and youthful story! Then there was “Les chants de l’Amour”, a biblical presentation for current times, with the experience of catechesis in several parishes in France or elsewhere, at the school of Saint Augustine, because “To sing is to pray twice”. But someone said to me: “You should make a synthesis!” This is what I propose in this new presentation of my experience of fifty years of missionary life in the four corners of the world: Algeria, France, family, England, Canada, and the Middle East from 1967 to 2020! It is true that by alternating stories and songs, in the simplest possible language, it makes the overall testimony more alive!

This leads to a lively and simple inter-religious dialogue. That is what is important to me! From prayer to daily life, from the summits of Djurdjura in Greater Kabylia to a chemistry laboratory in Algiers, from an inter-religious meeting in a parish in the heart of a popular district in Bordeaux or in Montreuil-sous-Bois, what counts is the dialogue of life, and the Spirit who animates this dialogue.

ISBN : 978-2-36452-577-1
format 160 x 240 300 pages
Novembre 2020
prix public TTC 20 €

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