Virtual Museum of the Mission (PE nr. 1081)

The objects that marked our life in mission …

Dear confreres, as part of the 150th anniversary of our Society, the Petit Echo would like to propose to you to share with us all, your memories based on objects such as tools, machines, worthy to be called “museum pieces ” which marked our life in the different missions where we served. Starting, for instance, from the canoes, passing by lamps, stencils, slide projectors and of course everything that will evoke this past in the service of the mission of the Lord; in fact, all objects we couldn’t do without in our daily life.

If you find photos from your drawers, which can illustrate your memories, it’s even better! I suggest you evoke these memories in 200 words … it is just an evocation, which will awaken memories in the minds of so many confreres and feed conversations in communities. This will be a great preparation for the 150th anniversary celebrations and this will certainly give the elders the opportunity to communicate and share their beautiful missionary adventure like the apostles.

Let’s search in our drawers and find some treasures to share to revive the joy of the mission, which passed through little things of our daily life.

Freddy Kyombo

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