Willy Delen, R.I.P.

Society of the Missionaries of Africa

Father Jozef de Bekker, Provincial Delegate of the sector of the Netherlands,
informs you of the return to the Lord of Father

Willy Delen

on Saturday July 4th, 2020 at Heythuysen (Netherlands)
at the age of 86 years, of which 58 years of missionary life
in Uganda and the Netherlands.

Let us pray for him and for his loved ones.

Milestones in the life of Father Willy Delen

Born in Noordwijk
on 18/08/1933
Spiritual YearMissionary OathPriesthood ordination
in the diocese of Utrecht07/09/195711/07/196129/06/1962
 Nationality: Dutch ‘s-Heerenberg
(United Kingdom)

10/12/1962Arrive àKisubi, Diocèse RubagaUganda
15/01/1964 Bujuni, Diocèse HoimaUganda
01/08/1966 KakindoUganda
23/04/1967 BujuniUganda
08/03/1987Session-RetraiteJérusalemIsraël / Palestine
01/01/1988Parish PriestRwemisanga, Diocese HoimaUganda
01/07/1996Conseiller Régional élu Uganda
14/02/1998Remise de la Paroisse Uganda
01/07/1998Updating CourseMariennelaIreland
12/01/1999CurateHima, Diocese KaseseUganda
04/09/2004Retour Nederland
01/12/2004Nommé Ndl.(PE 10/04) Nederland
01/03/2005 DongenNederland
04/07/2020Returns to the FatherHeythuysenNederland

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