World’s Day of Migrants and Refugees (3)

World's Day of Migrants and Refugees (3)

IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT MIGRANTS… The 29th of September is World’s Day of Migrants and Refugees. An opportunity to change our hearts, our ways of thinking… and to enter into the logic of God. NOT JUST ABOUT THE MIGRANTS… IT’S ALSO ABOUT OUR HUMANITY.

“Slavery is not something from other times. This practice has deep roots and it continues today in many forms: they include human trafficking, debt bondage, exploitation of children, sexual exploitation and forced domestic work. No one can wash their hands of these tragic realities without being, in some way, an accomplice in this crime against humanity.

The first thing we must do is to create greater awareness of the subject, to break through the veil of indifference that hangs over this segment of humanity who suffer, who continue to suffer.

The second great task is to act on behalf of those who have been turned into slaves.

All of us Christians are called to work together, in ever greater collaboration, to overcome all forms of inequality, every type of discrimination.”

Pope Francis

The Church has been celebrating World’s Day of Migrants and Refugees ever since 1914. It is always an opportunity for her to express concern for the most vulnerable people, who have to move for one reason or another; it is also an opportunity to pray for the challenges of migration and to raise awareness of the opportunities it offers.

For 2019, Pope Francis has chosen the theme “It is not only about migrants” to help remove our blinders and to ensure that no one is excluded from society, whether they are long-term residents or newcomers.


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