Your heart set out for God

Your heart set out for God

as your footsteps moved towards Bethlehem.

You were searching and God was guiding your search

from the moment you began it.


So you were looking for Him, for Salvation.

You were looking for it in the firmament of heaven,

but also in your hearts;

in the silence but also

in the questions asked of men.


When having come close to the Child,

you kneel before Him,

you offer the gold of your love,

the incense of your veneration,

the myrrh of your sufferings

before the Face of the invisible God.


And you, in your turn, risk the trip to God!

Come on, let’s go! Forget the past, it is dead!

The only thing you have left is the future.

Look ahead: life is there and its possibilities are full,

for you can always find God,

always find him more.


An atom of supernatural reality is so much more valuable

than our grandest dreams:

God is the eternal youth

and there is no place for resignation

in his Kingdom!

So be it.


Karl Rahner


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