Robert van Iterson, R.I.P.

Father Piet Buijsrogge, Provincial Delegate of the sector of the Netherlands,
informs you of the return to the Lord of Father

Robert van Iterson

on Wednesday 31st May 2017 at the hospital of Roermond (Netherlands)
at the age of 90 years, of which 63 years of missionary life
in Malawi, Zambia and in the Netherlands.

Let us pray for him and for his loved ones.


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Milestones of Father Robert van Iterson’s life

Robert was born on the 5th of February 1927 at Den Haag in Rotterdam Diocese. He entered the Spiritual Year at ‘s-Heerenberg on the 7th September 1949, went on with his theological studies in Thibar (Tunisia) where he took his Missionary Oath on the 29th of June 1953 and in Carthage (Tunisia) where he was ordained to the priesthood on the 18th of April 1954.

01/08/1954 Teaching Ministry in the Seminary Sterksel Nederland
01/09/1956 British Background Course Broomhall England
22/12/1956 Learning language Likuni Nyasaland
12/02/1957 Language and Curate Chiphaso Nyasaland
20/04/1959 Supérieur Namitete Nyasaland
23/05/1964 Long Retreat Villa Cavalletti Italy
27/10/1964 Superior Likuni, Diocese Lilongwe Malawi
01/03/1967 Econome Diocésain Likuni, Diocese Lilongwe Malawi
01/11/1970 Aumônier Soeurs Mlale, Diocese Lilongwe Malawi
01/01/1975 Sec.Synode+Aumô.Sist Lilongwe, Sacred Heart Malawi
01/03/1976 Supérieur Vubwi, Diocese Chipata Zambia
01/01/1979 Supérieur Ludzi, Diocese Lilongwe Malawi
01/06/1979 Bishop Secretary Lilongwe Malawi
09/03/1980 Session-Retraite Jérusalem Israel / Palestine
01/01/1981 Vicaire Mtengo wa Nthenga Malawi
01/06/1981 Supérieur Namitete Malawi
01/01/1984 Supérieur Mpherere Malawi
01/06/1987 Curate+Guest Master Likuni, Diocese Lilongwe Malawi
17/01/1991 Curate+Rg.Accountant Lilongwe, Kanengo Malawi
01/07/1993 Several D.Funct.+Cur Chezi, Diocese Lilongwe Malawi
01/07/1996 Appointed (P.E.96/7)   Nederland
05/11/1996 Return to Province Vaassen Nederland
18/03/1998 Session +70 Roma Italia
18/05/1998 Superior Leidschendam Nederland
01/06/1999 Appointed Provincial Concillor   Nederland
01/10/2006 Residence Dongen Nederland
01/09/2015 Residence Heythuysen Nederland
31/05/2017 Returns to the Father Roermond Nederland

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