Jubilee in Ethiopia

Dear Confreres and Friends,
Greetings from Ethiopia !

As the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers) in Ethiopia prepare to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of their presence in this beautiful country (1967-2017), We ask you to accompany us with your prayers during this jubilee year ( 2017-2018). We will keep you informed on the dates of our celebration.

At the same time, our 50th Anniversary in Ethiopia will coincide with the 150th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Society of the Missionaries of Africa.

I am therefore sending to you the prayer for the Jubilee. This prayer will accompany us during this Jubilee year. This prayer can be said after Mass and after the Holy Office each day.

Wishing you all the best and United in the same mission of Christ the Redeemer.

Rev. Fr. Bonaventure BWANAKWERI. M.Afr
Delegate Superior of the Missionaries of Africa in Ethiopia and the Middle East


IN ETHIOPIA (1967-2017)


Heavenly Father,

In your love and wisdom and through Cardinal Charles Lavigerie, You called the Missionaries of Africa to bring your good news to this continent. It is now fifty years since the Missionaries of Africa arrived in Ethiopia. As we look at our past with gratitude, we remember and pray for all the Missionaries of Africa who worked in this country. 

We beg the help of your grace in order to live the present with passion and determination. At the same time we ask you to lead us into the coming future with renewed zeal and courage so as to be able break the chains of slavery that enslave your sons and daughters in Ethiopia and in Africa as a whole.

We ask this through the intercession of our Mother Mary, Queen of Africa.

God bless Ethiopia.
God bless Africa!

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