A life serving the Dagombas

A life serving the Dagombas in Ghana

Interview of our confrere Olivier Lecestre by KTO (French Catholic Television)

A look at the small Christian communities in the North of this West African country. Father Olivier Lecestre, Missionary of Africa, spent almost 50 years there, in the footsteps of the first White Fathers who arrived in Ghana in 1906. He was in Tamale, in the North, and had a parish ministry among the Dagombas, an ethnic group with a Muslim majority. He was involved in a long process of translating the Sunday readings into the Dagombas’ language, Dagbani, to train lay leaders in the villages. The Church has also developed schools, agricultural projects, and works for inter-religious dialogue, a factor for peace in the region. Father Lecestre was delighted to see a small church blossom over the years.

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