An information march : against women’s trafficking (PE nr. 1084)

With a group of young people “La Strada” (the road) of Arcene (Bergamo-Italy), we organize an information march from Wednesday 18 to Sunday 22 October 2017, from the city of Viterbo to St. Peter’s Square in Rome in five stages on the Via Francigena.



Walking on the Via Francigena from Viterbo to Roma:18-22 October

Viterbo-Vetralla: 18 km, Wednesday 18 October.
Vetralla-Sutri: 24 km, Thursday 19 October.
Sutri-Campagnano: 27 km, Friday 20 October.
Campagnano-La Storta: 24 km, Saturday 21 October.
The St. Peter’s Storta-Roma: 19 km, Sunday 22 October.

” 100,000 women sex slaves in Italy: on which side are you ? ”
Among the 100,000, there are almost 40,000 women from Nigeria, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal and Morocco.
“La Strada”

Giuseppe Locati m.afr.
Treviglio (Bergamo)

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