Andrés Urquizu A., R.I.P.

Father Jesús Zubiría O., Provincial Delegate of the sector of Spain,
informs you of the return to the Lord of Father

Andrés Urquizu A.

on Saturday the 22nd of July 2017 at Pamplona (Spain)
at the age of 79 years, of which 53 years of missionary life
in Burkina Faso (Upper Volta), in Chad and in Spain.

Let us pray for him and for his loved ones.

Milestones of Father Andrés Urquizu A.’s life

Andrés was born on the 31st January 1938 at Lezo (Spanish Basque Country), in the Diocese of San Sebastián. On the 11th September 1961, he entered the Spiritual Year of Gap, in France. He took his Missionary Oath at Vals, Le Puy (France) on the 26th June 1964 and was ordained to the Priesthood a year after, on June 27th1965, in the small town of Logroño (Spanish Basque Country).

01/01/1966 Language course Guilongou CELA Upper Volta
01/06/1966 Ass. Parish Priest Kaya,D.Ouagadougou Upper Volta
01/01/1968 Ass. Parish Priest Sapone Upper Volta
15/09/1970 Ass. Parish Priest Po Upper Volta
01/04/1973 Superior Po Upper Volta
01/08/1978 Recyclage/Prov.   Spain
21/05/1979 Session-Retreat Jérusalem Israël / Palestine
23/10/1979 Ass. Parish Priest Dassouri Upper Volta
30/06/1985 Technical Studies Bilbao Spain
01/09/1987 Mass-Media Bilbao Spain
01/01/1988 Mass-Media Madrid,Meñorca Spain
01/09/1990 Ass. Parish Priest Ndoguindi Chad
01/06/1998 Audio-visuel Doiti,D.Moundou Chad
07/05/2001 Appointed to Spain (P.E.01/6)   Spain
01/10/2001 Bursar Barañain Spain
25/09/2005 Audiovisual project   Chad
01/11/2006 Residence Madrid Spain
01/11/2007 Residence Barañain Spain
01/03/2015 Residence H.C. Pamplona Spain
22/07/2017 Returns to the Father Pamplona Spain

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