Appointments Young Confreres

Here is the list of the appointments already finalised. Only the province (section) is here mentioned as local constraints might modify final destination.

Maghreb MGHNGOMA Etienne
Maghreb MGHMPAWENAYO Donatien
East Africa Province EAPUWAYEZU Olivier
East Africa Province EAPRUGWIZANDEKWE Protogène
East Africa Province EAPNIBOGORA Théogène
East Africa Province EAPKOURAOGO Jean-Baptiste
Southern Africa Province SAPSOMDA A. Frédéric
Southern Africa Province SAPADZEU Frédéric
Southern Africa Province SAPADAMA Komi Mawuvi Basile
Province d'Afrique Occidentale PAOMUSYOKI Joshua Masive
Province d'Afrique Occidentale PAOUFOYURU Bosco Désiré
Province d'Afrique Occidentale PAOKAMBUKU M. D. Stephen
Province d'Afrique Occidentale PAOSINDA Sydney
Province d'Afrique Centrale PACAKANKWASA Alex
Province d'Afrique Centrale PACBAPUOH Paschal
Province d'Afrique Centrale PACKABORE W. Elisée
Province d'Afrique Centrale PACOBARE Edwin
Province d'Afrique Centrale PACBUDOTELA William Thomas
Ghana Nigeria Province GHNBUKURU Venant
Ghana Nigeria Province GHNHABIMANA Jean Claude
Ghana Nigeria Province GHNTEWELDE Gebremichael
Section of Asia SOA (India - 1 year)KERKETTA Bipin Kishor

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