Bernard Poisson, R.I.P.

Father Patrick Bataille, Provincial Delegate of the sector of France,
informs you of the return to the Lord of Father

Bernard Poisson

on Wednesday the 17th of May 2017 at Billère (Pau – France)
at the age of 91 years, of which 66 years of missionary life
in Zambia and in France.

Let us pray for him and for his loved ones.


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Milestones of Father Bernard Poisson’s life :

Bernard was born on the 4th of March 1926 at Nantes in Britanny (Western France – Diocese of Nantes). He joined the Missionaries of Africa and began his Spiritual Year on the 3rd of December 1945 at Maison-Carrée in Algeria. He took his Missionary Oath on the 27th of June 1950 at Thibar and was ordained to the priesthood on the 24/03/1951 at Carthage.

01/09/1951   Chilubula (Bangweolo) Nord Rhodesia
20/07/1952   Ipusukilo et Mulobola Nord Rhodesia
19/01/1960 Long Retreat Mour France
11/11/1960   Malole et Ipusukilo Nord Rhodesia
01/09/1962 Superior Lwena Nord Rhodesia
01/09/1965 Superior Kapatu Zambia
01/04/1974 Superior Chilubula, then Chilubi Zambia
01/01/1980 Parish Ministry La Désirade Carribbeans
09/03/1980 Session-Retreat Jérusalem Israël / Palestine
01/10/1981 Curate Lwingu then Kapatu and Lwena Zambia
24/02/1988 Ordre du Mérite National   
01/10/1988 Curate Ndola Zambia
01/01/1989 Decorated “Wings”/ R.A.F.   
01/10/1989 Curate Lwena (Kasama) Zambia
01/07/1990 Session of Pastoral Theology Rome Italia
24/10/1990 Dist.Serv.2°Deg.Zamb    
01/11/1990 Curate Chilubula,D.Kasama Zambia
01/06/1991 Curate Kapatu then Malole and Ipusukilo Zambia
01/12/1992 Leave/Prov.>20.06.93   France
01/09/1995 Curate Malole  
11/04/1996 Session Seniors Rome Italia
01/10/1999 Curate Mbala,for D.Kasama Zambia
14/07/2001 “Légion d’honneur”    
01/11/2001 Curate Nondo (Kasama) Zambie
01/11/2005 Ministry Kasama,St Joseph’s Zambie
05/02/2008 Returns to Province   France
03/06/2008 Residence Billère France
03/09/2008 Session 70+ Rome Italia
17/05/2017 Returns to the Father Billère France

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