Best wishes for Easter (Sector of France)

Easter is a passage from doubt to hope and from death to life. This is what Jesus has shown us… the Way, the Truth, and the Life. As missionaries, we live many passages in our lives, and no matter what our age or condition, we are called to live in hope. For us, as Pope Francis said (homily of 5/04/2017): “Hope is not a concept or a feeling, it is a person, the Christ”. In this Easter season, …

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  1. Cher webmaster,
    Un grand merci pour le magnifique travail; même à mon âge je peux de nouveau recevoir les nouvelles de la Société sur le nouveau site!
    Joyeuse Fête de Pâques! Alleluia!
    René Brossard, qui a subi une opération au genou il y a une semaine; je suis de retour à Veyras (Suisse).

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