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Don’t look for an Intranet, there isn’t any !! But when you are identified you see quite a few more stuff than when you are not, mainly under the menu  <Society> : link which avoids the “home page” with the heavy sliding photos and brings you straight to the latest posts.

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Some articles are in French

Some of you are wondering why on earth are some articles appearing in French while they have chosen English as their language of choice!

Idealy, all the articles should appear in the two languages of the Society. And, true enough, all the official articles are in both languages. However, some articles are only written in one of the two languages of the Society. For example Continue reading “Some articles are in French”

Heban (Ebony)

HEBAN to krótka opowieść o dalekich światach. Film jest wynikiem wieloletnich podróży po kontynencie Afrykańskim przy akompaniamencie twórczości Ryszarda Kapuścińskiego. Jest to zbiór cytatów z książek: Heban, Cesarz, Gdyby cała Afryka, Jeszcze dzień z życia.

EBONY is a short story about far away worlds. The film is the result of many years of traveling around the African continent in the company of Ryszard Kapuscinski. It is a collection of quotes from the books: Ebony, Caesar, If all of Africa, One more day of Life.

Film by: Michał Wiseł Wiślicki
Quotes: Ryszard Kapuśćiński
Voice: Maciej Gudowski
Sound mix: Ponek Wiesława Reiff / Michał Wiseł Wiślicki


Hell or… Heaven ?

Sarkozy meurt accidentellement… Il est accueilli au Paradis par Saint-Pierre qui lui dit:

– Bienvenue! Cependant, nous devons régler un petit problème… Nous voyons si rarement des Présidents ici que nous ne sommes pas certains de ce que nous devons faire de toi. Le Grand Patron veut que tu passes un jour en Enfer et un jour au Paradis. Tu devras ensuite choisir l’endroit où tu voudras passer l’éternité. Continue reading “Hell or… Heaven ?”