Training on the safeguarding of minors and persons in situations of vulnerability, Kigali, 6th day

The beginning of this second week of our training has been marked by three key interventions by our confreres namely Michael Heap, Stephane Joulain and Elvis Ng’andwe. In his talk, Michael Heap gave a comprehensive presentation of different safeguarding incidents that can take place in our contexts of mission. In addition to this, Michael explained how, we safeguarding delegates ought to act in a case of a safeguarding incident, in front of the complainant, the accused, and other stakeholders involved in child protection. In situations of abuse, we are all vulnerable. As delegates, we are called to be aware of what is going on within us and around us.
On his part, Stephane Joulain, explained how safeguarding delegates ought to handle cases of an abuse and how to conduct a canonical preliminary investigation.
At the second session, Elvis Ng’andwe gave a full and detailed presentation on the relationship between safeguarding, international law, and children’s rights. As delegates, he strongly recommended us to be conversant with laws that address child protection issues in our areas of mission, for in the exercise of our ministry, we have to deal with juridical cases.

Safeguarding is our commitment.

By: Alex Manda, Clément Kpatcha, Guy Sawadogo, Lowrent Kamwaza (News Team)

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