Publications of Confreres (PE nr 1090 – 2018/04)

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Dominique Arnauld, archivist

Looking to the future with hope : a common recollection

Extract frome the common letter of the two superior general of the Lavigeie Family.

We have entered the third year of preparation for our 150th anniversary of foundation. We know that many plans have sprung up here and there, some very simple, some very ambitious, all with the desire to mark this great event for our Missionary Institutes. However, these plans should not take us away from the in-depth spiritual preparation we need so that the anniversary may have a lasting effect on us individually and as a group. Continue reading “Looking to the future with hope : a common recollection”

Jub 150 : Remain faithful to your charism

Thank you to our Swiss confrere Roman Stäger, who published this article in German in the «Schweizer Kirchenzeitung» of January 18, 2018.


Jubilee of 150 years of “Missionaries of Africa” and “White Sisters”.

It was in an emergency that the Missionaries of Africa were founded: the priests and the Brothers on October 19, 1868, the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa a year later (September 9, 1869). The then Archbishop of Algiers, Charles Martial Lavigerie (1825-1892), had to take care of hundreds of orphans, who, victims of a widespread famine Continue reading “Jub 150 : Remain faithful to your charism”

Celebrate the 150th in sobriety?

In 1968, the General Council of the time asked the question: “how to celebrate the Centenary of our Society”. We excluded a hulde zitting (tribute session) in Rome, expensive and without a future. The suggestion of Fr. Robert Chaput (always “down to earth!”) was chosen: give each confrere 5 dollars to celebrate the centenary in his community! I recall this fact which could inspire the current General Council to do something similar. It would cost less than in 1968, since our number has declined considerably!

Just a souvenir sent with my best regards!

Waly Neven, survivor of the council 67-81.

Webmaster’s note: Inflation must be taken into account! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, prices in 2017 are 603.4% higher than prices in 1968. Therefore, the $ 5 graciously offered to confreres in 1968 would now be equivalent to: 5 x 603.4: 100 = 30.17 USD or 25 €

Once upon a time… A Lion at Ushirombo. (PE nr. 1080)

From the White Sisters’ diary.

15th October 1925: A little girl has been carried away by a lion at five in the afternoon very close to home in the sight of her parents. She is the third victim of the beast in the space of a month.

4th November: In the evening after supper we heard cries of distress. Fifteen minutes later the Fathers and some men bring Magdalena, the wife of Continue reading “Once upon a time… A Lion at Ushirombo. (PE nr. 1080)”