+Pedro Burgos López 1929 – 2016 (PE n°1077)

On Sunday, the 17th April 2016, at around 13.30 in the afternoon, our confrere Pedro Burgos López passed away peacefully in St. Joseph’s Nursing Home at Evere (Bruxelles). Fr. Jan Anthonissen was present; his faithful guardian angel for months, Sr. Doecita Van der Ven had just slipped out for a few minutes. Continue reading “+Pedro Burgos López 1929 – 2016 (PE n°1077)”

+Joaquín Algerías Joya 1944 – 2016 (PE n°1077)

On Monday 4th July 2016, Joaquín Algerías left us to join his Lord. He was born in Almócita, Almeria Province in Spain on the 12th April 1944. He was the son of Felipe and Dolores, and the youngest in a family of four brothers and sisters. He studied at the major Seminary of Almería and he was ordained priest on the 11th March 1971. Continue reading “+Joaquín Algerías Joya 1944 – 2016 (PE n°1077)”