Kungoni Cultural Centre Open Day

Here are a few photos, courtesy of Bro. Vitus Abobo M.Afr, of the 2018 Kungoni Cultural Centre Open Day.

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Fr. Jos Kuppens’ Jubilee

On August 11th, Father Jos Kuppens, M.Afr. was celebrated for his 50th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood at Maula Cathedral, in Lilongwe. Together were two diocesan priests celebrated for their own jubilees. Here are some photo samples, but you can view all of them following this link. All the photos, courtesy of Brother Vitus Abobo, M.Afr.


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South Africa: Mission in social context

There are regular stories of racism in the media: insults, violence, discrimination… This is especially true between Blacks (80.2% of the population, especially in the East) and Whites (8.4%) but also with Métis (8.9%, located mainly in the West) and Asians (2.5%). The Catholic bishops distributed questionnaires to be discussed in small groups in all the parishes of the country. One of us printed anti-racist images. Continue reading “South Africa: Mission in social context”

Ordination of Dominic Kapatamoyo

On the 7th of July, the parish of Chezi in Malawi witnessed an unforgettable event as our own confrere Dominic Kapatamoyo was ordained a priest in this parish. All the roads led to Chezi parish on that day. There was a big crowd of people present to witness this memorable event as that was the first of its kind in the parish. The Lavigerie family comprising of Missionaries of Africa, Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of African, and our students in formation were present in their numbers to pray with and support Dominic Kapatamoyo. The other religious from different congregations, diocesan priests and representatives of other religious denominations, family members and friends of our confrere, as well parishioners graced the occasion. Also present were the ordaining bishop Tarsizio G. Ziyaye, Archbishop of Lilongwe and our confrere Bishop Emeritus Remy Sainte-Marie.

During his homily, Bishop Tarsizio affirmed that a priest is another Christ, who is chosen among the people and sent out to serve, console, preach, and baptise of the people of God. Teaching the people to know what the Kingdom of God entails. He agreed with Cardinal Lavigerie’s invitation to his Missionaries “to be apostles nothing but apostles”. The Bishop said a priest is to help others become apostles and that being apostles should become our being.

Ending his homily, the Bishop invited all to pray for the priest to be ordained, that the Lord may give him all the graces that he needs. Also, to pray that we may get many more Priests, Sisters and Brothers to serve the Church, since the harvest is rich but the labourers few.

Later on in an interview, the Bishop said he is touched by the fact that Dominic is the son of one of the long serving catechists of Chezi parish, Mr. Kapatamoyo. He was also happy that Dominic was ordained as priest in the Congregation of the Missionaries of Africa, adding that, “they are like our parents” since they were the first missionaries to bring the gospel to the Archdiocese of Lilongwe. He was happy about the good organisation of the event and active participation of the people, seeing it as a golden opportunity for vocation promotion.

Looking at the event, the Provincial Delegate Fr. Michel Sanou expressed his gratitude to the Christians and parishioners of Chezi for the good organisation. He expressed so much joy as to see the joy of the people especially the parents of Dominic as they gave their son to the Catholic Church. As Dominic comes from a place where there are only missionaries, the Delegate saw that as something remarkable and a challenge to other youth to give themselves to the mission too.

At the end of the Mass, the Provincial emphasised the missionary nature of our work as Missionaries of Africa, saying that like the confreres working in Chezi Parish, Dominic will mostly be working away from his home parish. On that note, he announced that the newly ordained priest is sent to Mingana, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where he spent two years for pastoral training during his initial formation.

In an interview, the Provincial Fr. Felix Phiri did not only express his joy at how well the celebration was organised and well attended. According to him, the presence of others from the protestant churches, shows a sense of solidarity among the Christians of different denominations.

The Provincial also saw the event in the sense of the 150th Anniversary celebrations, which is a visible fruit of the work of the Missionaries of Africa as Dominic is from Chezi parish, which has been under the care of the Missionaries of Africa since its beginning.

Fr. Felix remarked how the work and faith of Dominic’s father as a Catechist has been a pillar for Dominic’s vocation journey, sustained him throughout his years of initial formation. The Provincial expressed hope of getting many more vocations from the parish to join the Missionaries of Africa, with the support of the confreres in Chezi parish.

Talking with the newly ordained priest, Fr. Dominic filled with joy expressed his gratitude to God for the gift of his priestly ordination, seeing it as a humbling honour. He was impressed by the sacrifices the parishioners, confreres, family and friends, among others made since December 2017 to ensure the success of the event. He was also overjoyed by the presence of some many people, two bishops, friends from Zimbabwe, France, Ireland and Kenya, confreres, priests, sisters and brothers, and parishioners to witness his ordination. For Dominic, the presence of all these people from far and near is a sign of the Church’s unity. In a sense of gratitude, he asked God to be with him in his priestly calling.

In short, the ordination of Fr. Dominic was for us the Missionaries of Africa, a time of coming together to support, pray with and thank the Lord for the vocation of Fr. Dominic. It also served as a means of vocation promotion as a lot of us were present in our Ganduras. It also became for the parish of Chezi a moment of working together to support and pray for and with their own son. For the parents of Fr. Dominic, the celebration was prayers answered, as they have been accompanying their son with prayers since he started his formation with the Missionaries of Africa. As Missionaries of Africa, we cannot but join our confrere in thanking God for his calling, and also in thanking all those who have supported us before and during the organisation of this ordination. May God richly reward you all for the support rendered to us to make Dominic’s ordination a success.

Vitus Danaa Abobo, M.Afr.
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“Sex Festivals”: the bishops of Zambia mobilize

The Zambian Episcopal Conference alerts the public against the development of “sex festivals”: high-risk practices that are increasingly disturbing.

Read the article in French on https://en.aleteia.org


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Ordinations of the confreres from Abidjan

We are happy that we are able to communication the dates of ordination and thanksgiving masses of our young confreres who are completing their theological studies this year in Abidjan. We shall do the same with the other centres of formation should we receive the information.

You can also find the same information on the page Official communications > Calendars > Formation Centers

– Ordination : 13 July 2017, at Our Lady of Fatima, Urambo-Tabora, Tanzania, par Mgr RUZOKA Paul, Archbishop of Tabora
– Thankgiving Mass : 14 July 2017 at Tegemeo B Kasisi

– Ordination : 8 July 2017 at St Mary Parish, Kibondo – Kigoma, Tanzania, by Mgr Joseph Mlola, Bishop of Kigoma
– Thankgiving Mass : 9 July 2017 at the Kumhama outstation

– Ordination : 22 July 2017 at St Thomas Parish, Mzuzu, Malawi, by Mgr John Alphonsus Ryan
– Thankgiving Mass : 23 July 2017 at St Augustin Parish, Mzuzu Luwinga
30 July 2017 at Ekwendi outstation of St Augustin Parish

– Ordination : 22 July 2017 at Mary Help of Christians Parish, Sunyani-Odumese, Upper Western Ghana, by Mgr Mathew Kwasi Gyamfi, Bishop of Sunyani Diocese
– Thankgiving Mass : 23 July 2017 at Odumase-Sunyani
15 August 2017 at St Peter’s Parish, Lawra

– Ordination : 16 July 2017 at the Adoration Sanctuary of Goma, RD Congo, by Mgr Théophile Kaboy
– Thankgiving Mass : Parish OL of the Rosary at Rugrari on 23rd July 2017
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– Ordination : 4 August 2017 at the Cathedral Church of Ndola, Zambia, by Mgr Elick Banda, Bishop of Ndola
– Thankgiving Mass : ? at Our Lady of the Rosary’s Parish, Lugari

– Ordination : 19 August 2017 at St. Paul’s Parish in Kashikishi, Zambia, by Mgr Patrick Chisanga
– Thankgiving Mass : ?

– Thankgiving Mass : 16 July 2017 at St Joseph Luszi Parish, Malawi

Conseil Provincial SAP

SAP Provincial Council gathered on the third week of March at FENZA, Lusaka, for its first meeting of the year. As usual, the four Sectors of the Province were represented by their Provincial Delegates and their Councillors. From Rome, Francis Barnes was also present with his usual sense of humour. A word of thanks was given by the Provincial, Felix Phiri, to Serge St-Arneault who will be ending his mandate as Provincial Secretary in few months from now. He has been appointed as Director of the Afrika Center in Montreal, Canada. Michel Meunier will replace him from July 2017.

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“Where is my Heart”? 125 years of Evangelisation in Zambia (PE nr. 1078)

The title is just there to guide my thoughts but in the grand scheme of things it is also challenging to all of us.

Recently, I gave a talk to the Missionary Oblate students and they chose the title; “Formation as Missionary oriented.” My talk centred on the mission of St Paul; “Being all things to all people” (1Cor 9: 19-23). For me this is the heart beat of missionary life and this is what I saw and moved me with the White Fathers 25 years ago even before I joined them. Continue reading ““Where is my Heart”? 125 years of Evangelisation in Zambia (PE nr. 1078)”

Integrity of Creation in Kasamba (Zambia)

Like elsewhere the phenomenon of deforestation raises a lot of concerns in Zambia. People cut down trees for various reasons. Due to the current electricity problems in cities people use charcoal as their source of energy more than ever before. Hence burning charcoal has become the main source of income for people in rural areas. Thousands of bags of charcoal are taken to Lusaka and Copperbelt day and night. Luapula province which used to be a land of vegetation is gradually losing its identity.

As Missionaries of Africa working in Kasamba, we felt that we had to do something about this phenomenon. In view of raising awareness about the care of our environment, last year we undertook a tree planting project in our Parish. So far we have planted about 3,500 pine trees. We wish to extend this project to at least 10,000 trees in the coming years.

What is more encouraging is that the people of Kasamba are now becoming aware of the importance of planting trees. At the end of last year Caritas Mansa gave to each parish 200 seedlings of pine trees to give to their members. Personally I was amazed to see how people literally fought over those seedlings. Because of this increasing interest in planting trees we are planning together with the Justice and Peace group of Kasamba to have a seminar about how to make nurseries in order to produce more seedlings. In this way we hope that our mission of caring for our environment will extend to the entire Parish and hopefully to the entire Diocese.

Benjamin Itungabose, M.Afr.
(taken from SAP Blog)