Celebration of the Blessed Martyrs of Algeria

Tomorrow, May 8, we will commemorate for the first time in the Church the Blessed Martyrs of Algeria. Recently, we organized ourselves in Rome to standardize the rare photos we have of our four blessed confreres by having them drawn by a street artist. Below, you will find a reproduction of it. You can download the same photo in A3 format (42cm x 29,7cm) by clicking on the photo, which you can print and frame if you wish. Below you will find links to individual high-resolution drawings that the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers and White Sisters) and the families of the Blessed Missionaries can use as they see fit. Note that all rights belong to the Missionaries of Africa, Via Aurelia 269 in Rome (Italy).

Small leaflets were printed for each of the blessed with their pictures, a short biography and a prayer. These leaflets are currently on their way to all the provinces with the Petit Echo n° 1100. We wish you a good reception.

Finally, you will find (unofficial) translations of the liturgy of the day and the reading office (only in French).

Portrait Jean Chevillard HR (15 Mo)

Portrait Alain Dieulanguard HR (20 Mo)

Portrait Christian Chessel HR (23 Mo)

Portrait Charles Deckers (16 Mo)

Liturgy of the day (French)

Office of readings (French)

Liturgy of the day (English)


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