Centenary of Father John Longin

Centenary of Father Jean Longin in Billère

In spite of all the unforeseen health and current situation, here we are at the famous “20th of August” ….

Fr. Patrick Bataille was able to come for a few days and it is he who presides over the Eucharistic celebration. Jean is seated next to Sister Emmanuelle who is 102 years old. It is Jean who will read the Gospel (Mt 18, 2-5), while Fr. Jean-Marie Vasseur will give the homily to thank the Lord for the call of our confrere. At the end of the celebration, M. Poumeyrol, a retired army colonel, will come to remind us of John’s commitment during the last war which took him from Corsica to Mont Cassino, to Marseille and as far as Alsace… he gave him the book ” Promotion Corse et Provence 1964-66 de l’école militaire de St Cyr “. Mrs Cathy Roques, the deputy director, will come to say all her wishes to our centenary in the name of all the staff by inviting us to come to the dining room for a big festive meal finished with champagne, the real thing !

Jean thanks everyone who gave him such a wonderful party and asks me to apologize for not being able to thank you in particular. Here is the text he read to us:

“The past? God forgives it! 
The future? God gives it!
Live the day of today,
In communion with him.
Tomorrow is God’s: hand it over to Him.
The present moment is a frail bridge.”

(text found on Sister Odette Prévost, Little Sister of the Sacred Heart of Charles De Foucauld 10.11.95)

Georges Paquet W.F.
(at the novitiate in Gap 1965-66, with Father Jean)

PP. Jean Longin, Georges Paquet, Jean-François Galtier

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