Chapter Communication – 14 May 2022

Chapter Communication - 14 May 2022

At last, the day of the 29th Chapter of the Missionaries of Africa has arrived, and it was made possible thanks to all the contributions that arrived in Rome and for which all the members of the Chapter thank you. For some days now, the Generalate has been permeated by the fever of the Chapter, which has grown as the capitulants have arrived from many countries where the Missionaries of Africa are present. Thus, for many there was a time of meeting those they had not seen for years and for others the chance to make new acquaintances.

This time, the chapter of the Missionaries of Africa coincides with two important events for our missionary society, the anniversary of the martyrs of Algeria, and the canonization of Charles de Foucauld. These two events are celebrated by the community of the Generalate and also by the members of the Chapter. We received a presentation on the martyrs of Algeria by Bishop John MacWilliam and a video on Algeria offering a description of the Algerian situation at that time. On Sunday, several of the capitulants and community members will participate in the celebration of the canonization of Charles de Foucauld at the Vatican. This afternoon, a panel on Charles de Foucauld will be animated by three of our confreres, Card. Michael Fitzgerard, Bishop Claude Rault and Bishop John MacWilliam.

Today, the members of the Chapter met in assembly for the first time. The purpose was to deal with the practical issues of the house timetable and the introduction to the technology needed to order to ensure that the chapter is “paperless”. It was a good opportunity to stimulate the dynamic among the capitulants and to begin the Chapter journey.

This communication would not be complete without mentioning the improvement of the chapter hall. Some modern technological material has been fitted for the use of computers, etc. The members of the Chapter have been introduced to microphones, headphones, screens, etc. These exercises will allow for a smoother launch of the chapter on Monday.

New Chapter Room

Finally, this evening, Saturday, a BBQ is planned to encourage contacts between capitulants and members of the Generalate community.

The members of the chapter rely on our prayers. May the Holy Spirit accompany them during the chapter, opening their ears to listen to the Word of God, their hearts to his love and their minds to be guided by his wisdom.

Jean Lamonde
14 May 2022

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  1. Dear chapter confreres we are in communion of prayers with you that you may have courage to listen to Holy Spirit for his call to our Society in today World. “Do not let your heart trouble” says our Lord Jesus Christ.

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