Chapter communication – 11th June 2022

Chapter Communication - 11 June 2022

The chapter is progressing and the computers are becoming more and more active in producing more precise texts to present to the assembly. These texts also contain recommendations. The plenary assembly approves the content and the teams get back to work on a text taking into account the suggestions of the plenary. Their adoption and vote is scheduled for next week. Today, two themes were presented: Justice and Peace and Integrity of Creation, as well as Ongoing Formation with the Care and Accompaniment of Confreres. I leave you with a short overview

The chapter members visit the PISAI in the afternoon. Tomorrow, Sunday, is a free day and the audience with the Pope will be held on Monday morning.


“I am man, injustice to other men revolts my heart. I am man, oppression outrages my nature. I am man, cruelty to so many of my fellow men inspires only horror. I am a man, and what I would like to see done to give me back my freedom, my honour, the sacred bonds of the family, I want to do in order to give the sons of these peoples their honour, their freedom, their dignity” (Cardinal Lavigerie, Conference on African slavery, Rome, Church of the Gesu, 28 December 1888).

This quotation from Cardinal Lavigerie quickly brought us to reality. It expresses the Cardinal’s motivation and compassion for those who suffer. Our founder was touched by human suffering. The Society’s commitment to Justice and Peace and the Integrity of Creation dates from its origins. Didn’t the cardinal himself care for orphans and slaves? The Society has founded centres for social studies, promoted development and conducted sessions to walk with the people with whom we live and to enable them to take control of their own destiny. 

Following the example of our founder, we are called to see the sufferings of the people of our time, to allow ourselves to be challenged by them and to take action, especially as insecurity, violence, migration, war and climate change disrupt human life and increase suffering.

It is crucial that we commit ourselves to justice and peace and the protection of the common home wherever we are. Today, under the initiative of Pope Francis and the universal Church, the Laudato si platform calls us to join the whole Church in taking relevant and prophetic actions in this direction. How will we participate in this platform?

Now the mission of Justice and Peace and Integrity of Creation is carried out in collaboration with many partners and networks, of which the universal and local Church is part. This collaboration generates solidarity among those who are dedicated to this mission. It helps to counteract our sense of powerlessness in the face of the immense task of this mission and to rekindle our hope.


The purpose of ongoing formation is to better equip us for our mission and to make us more competent and effective in our activities. All professions in the world have ongoing formation requirements to ensure that their members remain well informed of new findings and to update their knowledge. Good ongoing formation helps the person to maintain a balanced life with the ability to manage the different aspects of life well: professional, human, spiritual, etc.

Once again, we note how much our society has invested in promoting the growth and competence of its members with, among other things, retreats, sabbaticals, different sessions or studies, etc. We are grateful for this.

As the world becomes more polarised and violence and issues beyond our control increase, the circumstances of mission generate inner tensions and conflicts in missionaries. The Society does not forget the confreres who are forced to live with deep inner wounds and wants to accompany and support them on the path of life and the conquest of health. It reminds us of how a good community life can serve as a beneficial set-up for these confreres. Moreover, it counts on each of us to express to them all the fraternal attention, love, support and solidarity they need.

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