Chapter communication – 14th June 2022

Chapter Communication - 14 June 2022

In the aftermath of the papal audience, the two topics discussed were the two aspects of governance, human resources and financial and material resources. I will deal with them very briefly. The afternoon saw the presentation of the first texts to be submitted to the vote of the assembly.


One of the important points contained in the proposed text concerns the consultation and appointment of the major superiors of the society. We are aware that the appointment of major superiors is not always easy. Interculturality and competence are central to the appointment of major superiors. The leaders of the mega provinces are dedicated to the animation of the confreres. They strive to promote co-responsibility and subsidiarity in the exercise of their functions.

A notable progress is that the provinces have their own statutes. Relations between the provincials and the General Council are good and constructive.

In spite of the precautions taken to carry out consultations, there are sometimes murmurings when major superiors are appointed.


The financial and material resources of the Society are at the service of the mission. We are grateful and aware of how much Providence has supported us over the years. This same Providence urges us to take the necessary steps to vary and increase the Society’s income and also to better budget and control our expenses, to favour our simple lifestyle. We appreciate the efforts made by society to audit, to start income-generating and self-sufficient projects. We are becoming more and more aware of the capacity of Africa to support our mission and to help us financially, either through the concrete help of individuals, or the creation of a development fund at the level of provinces or large centres in Africa.

The chapter reminds all confreres that the financial stability of the society does not rest solely on the shoulders of the bursars, but on those of all members of the society. Co-responsibility, generosity and transparency are fundamental to the long-term sound management of our material resources.


The chapter is in its final week. Only a few texts have to be passed to the plenary assembly for final correction.  Voting on the ready texts has begun and is following a very rigorous and methodical process.

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