Chapter Communication – 16 May 2022

Chapter Communication - 16 May 2022

Today marks the official opening of the Chapter 2022. It is quite difficult to give news because the capitulants are deliberating behind closed doors. From the announcements, however, we can say a few brief words. The very first tasks of the Chapter concern the call of the capitulants, the information and approval of the different procedures of the Chapter itself, the method that will be used, the acceptance of collaborators as representatives of different ministries, such as Justice and Peace, integrity of the ministry, the bursar’s office, translators, secretaries, etc. There are 40 capitulants while the participants’ group reach fourteen persons.
In the evening, Cardinal Michael Fitzgerald presided the Eucharist, which was attended by all the members of the Chapter and all the members of the Generalate community. In his introduction, Father Stan Lubungo shared with us that he saw the nomination of Mike Fitzgerald as cardinal, as a sign of the divine kindness towards our Society. He asked us to pray for the chapter.

Cardinal Fitzgerald invited us to thank God for the history of the Society of the Missionaries of Africa. He pointed out how meaningful are the links between Charles de Foucauld and our Society while expressing a difference. He said that Charles de Foucauld stressed the importance of following and imitating “Jesus at Nazareth”, while ourselves, as Missionaries of Africa, are called to follow and to imitate “Jesus of Nazareth”, proclaiming the Good News, curing the sick, forming his disciples.

In his homily, Cardinal Fitzgerald showed the positive side of the Law. It is much more than mere commandments, and it is meant to lead us to life and it represents our inner disposition towards our ministry, mission and charism. We are motivated by love in our proclamation of the Good News. The central question is how are we going to put that into practice? That is exactly the question that the Chapter is required to answer. May the Holy Spirit come upon the members of the Chapter to answer that precise question and to understand better the message of Jesus.

Tomorrow Father Dave Sullivan will be preach the recollection to the Chapter members. This information is a good invitation for all of us to pray for the chapter.

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