Chapter Communication – 17th June 2022

Chapter Communication - 17 June 2022

This morning the last working session of the chapter took place. The purpose of this session was to complete the various votes on both the latest texts and the amendments that had been proposed. A moderator then recalled the importance of the post-capitular assemblies in order to be able to reap the fruits of the Chapter over the next six years. The moderators and the Superior General thanked the capitulants for their work over the past five weeks.

An evaluation grid for the Chapter has been placed on line and the capitulants will complete it over the next few hours.

Tomorrow morning’s programme consists of a short recollection and the signing of the Chapter minutes. Finally, the Superior General will officially close the Chapter. 

Long before the Chapter, the idea of having a paperless, ecological Chapter was raised. We are happy to confirm that this plan has been realised. No photocopying was needed for the plenary work, nor for the team work, nor for the voting. The texts were on the disk of our chapter website and everyone could consult the relevant documents for the day, both for the first reading and for the second and last minute editing. Putting the texts on the big screen made discussion and voting much easier. This required an increase in the capacity of the house’s WIFI, as the community grew from 45 members to over 80.

An electronic voting system simplified the voting process and saved the capitulants a lot of time.

This is the penultimate communication. The last one will contain some reflections from Saturday’s recollection and from the homily at Sunday’s Eucharist.

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