Chapter Communication – 3rd June 2022

Chapter Communication - 3 June 2022

On Uganda Martyrs’ Day, the chapter continued its work and this morning in plenary discussed two aspects of mission: listening to the local Church and integrity of ministry.


We have had the joy of founding and participating in the growth of many African local churches. They have changed and grown since their foundation and we are no longer the immediate leaders. They have evolved and so have we. We want to continue to be part of the local Churches and to serve them with humility, even if a certain tension between diocesan authorities and the living out of our charism persists. Putting our charism at the service of the local Church remains fundamental. The local Church is the place where we live our missionary charism. We benefit from their experience of Christian and pastoral life and they benefit from our charism, especially when we engage in diocesan priorities and in difficult places. We are known for being initiators and for our lifestyle.

In order to insert ourselves well into the local Church, it is necessary to stabilise our communities further, allowing their members to learn better the local language and the culture of the people we serve. We do not forget the vital contribution of our international and intercultural communities in living our charism and witness.

We conclude by quoting our confrere bishop Jan de Groef: “Missionaries should be part and parcel of the diocese, not apart from it”.


If there is one subject that is much talked about these days, it is the integrity of ministry. There is a growing awareness of the importance of insisting on transparency and authenticity in our finances, fidelity to our charism and in our relationships and friendships with those around us and with whom we collaborate. Living our missionary oath with all its components remains a deep motivation for us. An intense prayer life is always a source of inner strength. A healthy community life remains a good support. Transparency and authenticity make our witness and mission credible. Prevention is a priority in this area, as well as the welcoming of victims.

Our missionary society committed to achieving integrity in ministry. Confreres DPE (delegates for the protection of children and vulnerable persons) have been trained and have taken initiatives for awareness and prevention in their respective environments. Codes of conduct were put in place.

A large part of this ministry consists of assisting confreres in difficulty. The mission is sometimes very demanding (areas of insecurity and violence) and can cause burnouts and other difficulties. The society reaffirms its commitment to the care and health of its members.

Integrity of ministry is an integral part of our missionary charism.

TODAY, 3 JUNE 2022

Father Pawel Hulecki is from Poland and he came to participate in the Chapter in Rome as a representative of West Africa Province. He was in the parish of Korhogo in Ivory Coast. We congratulate him on his election to the General Council. We assure him of our prayers and friendship. May the Lord accompany him in his new responsibilities as he serves the same Lord and the same mission in another way.

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