Chapter Communication – 8th June 2022

Chapter Communication - 8 June 2022

Yesterday, the chapter offered us a marathon with a full day of plenary sessions. Today the teams are taking over after having received, this morning, the necessary indications for their work. I cannot specify what topics are suggested for today’s exchanges nor the method used. However, the phases of seeing, discerning and judging seem to come close to the phase of acting.

The moderators asked the teams to produce short texts to be shared and discussed in plenary and then taken up by the drafting committee who would bring them back to the plenary. These texts, without being definitive, will help to focus the discussions even more, to clarify the intuitions and to express more clearly the fruits all the work of the last three weeks. A period of gestation necessary in order to move forward according to the views of the Holy Spirit.

Tomorrow, the day will begin with plenary assemblies.

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