Editor’s Word (PE nr. 1093 – 2018/07)

This n° 7 edition of the Petit Echo deals with a mosaic of subjects which, each in its own way, reflects the reality of our Mission. There is more than one way of doing things well. However in everything we must, “Always be ready to give an account of the hope that is within you” as St. Peter exhorts us (1 Pt. 3, 15).

As we continue with the celebrations for the 150th Anniversary of our foundation, life goes on! The General Council has officially appointed a number of young confreres to their first mission post. Other confreres are changing posts or continuing to work where they are to provide the best possible service to the Society.

We are always pleased that confreres take the time to share stories with us about confreres who have marked their passage through life in a particular way. It is a way of praising God by revealing what He has achieved through the life of somebody with whom we have rubbed shoulders and whose work of service we have witnessed.

Safe journey

Freddy Kyombo

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