from stagiaire UWAGBOE Daniel Pio (EAP Flashes – 2018/08)

Stagiaire at Kabanga, Tanzania

In the lines of William Arthur Ward, it reads; “feeling gratitude without expressing it, is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” I write as a result of the accident I had on the 11th June, 2018 and sustained an open fracture on my right tibia and fibula bones. First, I had an external fixation surgery and other medications for about three weeks to treat all infection markers before having another surgery – internal fixation on the 9th of July. A ‘titanium intramedullary rod’ was fixed in my tibia bone so I could walk again and in order to help facilitate my healing process. Though I am still on medication, I am recovering and feeling better day after day.

My special thanks goes to my Parish Priest—Berthrand Dakyie, who painstakingly ensured that I got the right medical attention. His care, concern, motivation, patience, and effort during this period of challenge are worth acknowledging. To my beloved brothers, Elvis Ng’andwe, Fidelis Damana, Ernest Osei and John Slinger; my life will remain a gratitude to you for not being complacent in your love, care and support towards me. I am very grateful for your love, to say the least and to all Missionaries of Africa of EAP and my Province of origin Ghana/Nigeria; for their goodwill messages and prayers. I sincerely appreciate your fraternity. Thanks to you all / Merci à vous tous / Asanteni sana. (Sent on the 28th of July, 2018).

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