Georges Hugot, R.I.P.

Father Patrick Bataille, Provincial Delegate of the sector of France,
informs you of the return to the Lord of Father

Georges Hugot

on Friday January 11th, 2019 at Ste-Foy-Lès-Lyon (France)
at the age of 92 years, of which 67 years of missionary life
in Guinea, Burkina Faso, Mali and France.

Let us pray for him and for his loved ones.

Download from here the announcement of Father Georges Hugot’s death.

Milestones in the life of Father Georges Hugot

Georges was born on February 9, 1926 in Ostreville, a small town in Pas-de-Calais, in the diocese of Arras, France. He was admitted to the novitiate of Maison Carrée, in Algiers, on September 23, 1946. He then continued his theological training in Thibar, Tunisia, where he took his missionary oath on June 26, 1951. He was ordained to the priesthood in Carthage, Tunisia, on April 12, 1952.

05/10/1952 Vicaire Balouma,Nzérékoré Guinée
18/04/1955 Vicaire Macenta Guinée
04/02/1959 Kolouma Guinée
18/02/1960 Nzérékoré Guinée
11/01/1964 Grande Retraite Villa Cavalletti Italia
19/03/1964 Kolouma Guinée
05/08/1965 Macenta Guinée
15/04/1966 Sup.+Curé-Doyen Macenta Guinée
01/06/1967 Expulsé de Guinée > Ouagadougou Haute Volta (Burkina Faso)
01/10/1968 Etudes: EMACAS Lille France
30/06/1970 Vicaire Mopti, Diocèse Mopti Mali
01/07/1971 Nancy France
01/01/1979 Travail H.C.: Lyon France
01/11/1994 Retraité H.C.: Lyon France
01/10/2013 Résidence Lyon France
11/01/2019 Retour auprès du Père Ste-Foy-Lès-Lyon France

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