History of the Miss. of Africa in France

With the help of the archives of rue Verlomme, François Richard wrote a history of the Province of France from the arrival of the first White Fathers in France to the erection of the Province of Europe. It shows how the confreres adapted to the various periods of the end of the 19th and 20th centuries, from the Mission appeal fathers to the missionary animators and missionaries in the service of the Church of France. In particular, the book shows how it was necessary to face the problems caused by the two world wars, by decolonization, or to adapt to the birth of local churches, the time of Vatican II, the post-conciliar crisis, or the ups and downs of 1968…

The book is amply documented with footnotes. At the end of the volume, we find a list of all our locations and 10 pages of photos.

ISBN 978-23-631-5950-2
Price : 14 €

Note: The book is published by Iggy book and distributed by Hachette. You can order it in bookshops or buy it online (amazon, fnac…)

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Taken from the French Sector “Mini-lien” n° 481

Translation : Philippe Docq and DeepL

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